If you have a new business or organization or are ready to automate your accounting records, Accounting Support Services can help. We create and customize QuickBooks® files for you. Starting off right can make a growing business easier to handle.

For new businesses, we will:


  • Organize and enter master files including a chart of accounts, vendors and customers/clients.
  • Set up payroll, employee records and payroll processing items
  • Design invoice and statement forms to suit your type of service.
  • Create user defined fields, Financial Statements and reports to track things that are important to you

If you have an existing business and wish to automate, we will work with your CPA and existing records to enter accurate beginning balances.

  • Record all bank information, loans and credit card balances
  • Enter assets and accumulated depreciation
  • Enter outstanding bills and record customer balances to date
  • Enter year to date information


Whether you choose to have us perform ongoing bookkeeping services for your business or train your own staff, we provide continuing support.


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